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Local and seasonal products for direct sale

Local and seasonal products for direct sale

You will find a maximum of local and seasonal products on sale directly or at the bar and snack bar :

  • Olive oil from Voconce, from our family production
  • Tapenade, sale of olives from our family production and local producers
  • Apricot nectar from local producers
  • Honeys and jams
  • Soaps made from olive oil
  • Organic craft beers from local micro-breweries Taka and Bivouak
  • Fair trade, organic and locally roasted coffees
  • Organic and local teas and herbal teas
  • Vegetables and fruits from the garden, according to the season
  • Wines from the cooperative cellar of Vaison la romaine 
What's on in Vaison in 2023 ?

What's on in Vaison in 2023 ?

From March 18th to April 15th : Festival (bien) Après les Vendanges. For more info : HERE

April 1 : The Springtime of urban arts

May 8: Les Fleuralies, big flower market, Place Burrus Vaison la Romaine.

May 26-27-28 : Arts and Crafts Fair

May 27 and 28: Pentecost Corso and fair

June 11 : Lapierre – GF Mont-Ventoux, International cyclosportive race from Vaison-la-Romaine to the top of the Géant de Provence

June 17 : Gala of the intercommunal dance school at the Théâtre Antique

June 21 : Fête de la Musique

June 23 : Terroirs en Fête / Local producers honored

June 23: Gala of the intercommunal school of music at the Théâtre du Nymphée

June 24 : Show of Redouane Bougheraba at the Théâtre Antique. Stand-up

June 30 : Maxime Gasteuil’s show at the Théâtre Antique

July 5 : Renaud’s concert at the Théâtre Antique

July 7 : Terroirs en Fête / Local producers honored

July 7 : Louane concert at the Théâtre Antique

From July 11 to 26 : Vaison Danses Festival. For more information : HERE

July 14 : Fair and fireworks

July 20 : La Nuit de Bacchus : wine tasting and activities in the Roman excavations

July 21 : Terroirs en Fête / Local producers in the spotlight

From August 2 to 16 : The Antique Evenings (free concerts and shows in the antique theater)

August 15th : Big fair and fireworks

August 18 : Terroirs en Fête / Local producers in the spotlight

September 16 and 17 : Journées du Patrimoine (Heritage Days)

October 5 : Festival à l’Accordage – Musical meetings

October 14 and 15 : Lego and Playmobil show at the Cultural Space


Every Tuesday morning, a large Provencal market in the streets of the city.

Every Saturday morning, a market of local producers on the place Burrus

Every first Sunday of the month: Vaison Art Days, on the Place Montfort


Many concerts and cultural events in the surrounding villages.

More information on www.vaison-ventoux-tourisme.com

Near Vaison-la-Romaine... in 2023

Near Vaison-la-Romaine... in 2023

16 and 17th July:  Book days in Sablet – Meetings, conferences, dedications…

4th, 5th and 6th August : Font’Arts Festival, street art festival in Pernes les Fontaines

14 August: Wine Night in Rasteau

15 August: Lavender Festival in Sault

End of August: Monteux Fireworks – Fireworks show and entertainment


Numerous conferences and themed weekends in the inter-communal area,

More information: http://www.vaison-ventoux-tourisme.com



Winegrower-cooperators for three generations in the cooperative cellars of Vaison-la-RomainePuyméras, and labeled Camping Bacchus, and producers of olive oil, we offer in September and October visits of cellars and half-days of discovery of wine work, manual and mechanical grape harvests, visits of olive groves…

Avignon and its theatre festival!

Avignon and its theatre festival!

The Avignon theatre festival is world-renowned, attracting visitors from across the globe to the courtyard of the Papal Palace and other locations around the city (theatres etc.). You can attend official performances by booking in advance, as well as the many other shows that sweep the city as part of the “Off” festival.

The Avignon Festival in July: The Festival’s mission is to showcase works of contemporary French and international theatre and dance, and the performing arts in general, by putting on around 40 performances each year.

Avignon’s cultural life doesn’t end with the theatre festival, you can also attend the following events:

  • The Avignon Jazz Festival at the start of August
  • The Avignon/New York Film Festival
  • The Avignon Film Festival (for independent films) in June
Don't miss this in Orange!

Don't miss this in Orange!

The Roman Theatre of Orange, built under the reign of Augustus in the first century AD by veterans of Julius Caesar’s second legion, is one of the best-preserved Roman theatres in the world. Its impressive exterior wall with the original façade (103 m long and 37 m high) still stands today.
The theatre has hosted the Roman Festival every summer since 1869, together with the Chorégies d’Orange and New Chorégies opera festivals since 1902 and 1971 respectively.
Every winter since 1891, a festival has been held for lovers of ancient artwork.
Since 2002, the town of Orange, the owner of the monument, has entrusted the company Culturespaces with the management and promotion of the theatre.

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